HR Development Conference
Science based workshops and functional training

JOIN 100+ Managers & HR Professionals
April 27, Cluj-Napoca
The Office
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How SCIENCE can help boost organizational performance and create healthy working environments through Organizational Well-Being.

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Important Details
Location and Date
The Office, Cluj Napoca, 27 April
The Central Theme
Organizational performance through employee well-being
Shared Knowledge

3 Functional workshops
1 Masterclass

100+ HR Professionals

Keynote Speakers
5 speakers (3 international)
What's in it for YOU?
A one-stop SCIENCTIFIC outlook
Gain competitive advantage
Applicable HR concepts
Network opportunity
Academic knowledgebase
Strenghten you HR expertise
Hands on approach with practical workshops
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Chief of Community @Worldblu
Managing Partner@Psylife Clinic, PhD Psychology

Maria Dofeldt
ICF certified Management Coach


ICF certified Management Coach
Training and Development Manager @ Thomsons
Corina Gheonea
Learning&Experience Designer @Alternative University
Branch Manager @Adecco
Workshops on:
Boost Your Financial Sustainability Strategy
Financial Well-Being
Workshop #1
Language: English
Which is our relationship with money? we will explore the relationship between money and well-being in terms of R&R policies, systems of benefits, productivity and employee engagement.
Create Healthy Working Environments
Emotional Well-Being
Workshop #2
Language: Romanian
Strengthen your personal resources. Acquire new skills and specific techniques on managing employee emotional well-being.
Develop and Nourish  Employee Relationships
Workshop #3
Language: Romanian
Lifestyles, ways of living together, value systems, traditions and beliefs are all important to our social well being and quality of life at the workplace.

The Model for Building a High-Performance Culture

Miranda Ash

Outlining The Freedom at Work Model - Mindset, Design and Leadership and show how it delivers bottom-line growth.
Masterclass Description
Mindset. We’ll work through The Power Question process - "What would you do if you weren’t afraid?" People will learn WHY and HOW to address fear using this process. The will have a go at the process and leave with a worksheet outlining the process so that they can immediately apply it in their workplace and life. 
Design. We’ll look at the 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy (including a worksheet) and discuss examples of organizations who have applied these principles in practice. If there is time we’ll possibly design a couple of practices that people can test in their workplaces. 
Leadership. We’ll look at the three components of Freedom-centered Leadership - Power, Love and Ubuntu and people will have a go at the Freedom-centered Leadership assessment to see where they are on the continuum of fear to freedom as a leader. 
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Main Plenary
- Introduction to Well-Being
- Speaker Presentation & Panel
- Q&A Session
- Study Case Debate
Lunch Break
Separate Workshops
1. Financial Well-Being
2. Emotional Well-Being
3. Social Well-Being
 Miranda Ash Masterclass
*Networking Breaks
The final agenda, speakers and workshops could be subjected to change

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